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We have designed the SIMA membership as an affordable way to get involved with the community and help the organisation directly. Membership will help us grow our family, run bigger and higher quality events, as well as support charity initiatives on a larger scale. If you have trouble with pricing please don't hesitate to contact us.


There are no plans available.

Website Member Only Pages

Access to the SIMA event recording and blog page, with useful blogs for university applications and succeeding at university.

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Event Discounts

Access to our events for free or at a discounted rate, including our Interview and crash course events!

SIMA Newsletter

Full of opportunities for medical and dental students, ranging from research and audits to webinars and workshops. As well as useful articles and blog posts too!

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SIMA Community Groups

Home for an increasing Iraqi medical and dental student community who are able to support each other, discuss ideas and work on initiatives.

* Available to medical and dental students.

More coming soon!

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