We have a diverse team of people working to make SIMA the best it can be.

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Hadeel Al-Najafi


Hey, i’m a 4th year dental student at King’s College London.

Aside from dentistry, my 2 other personality traits consist of playing sports and drinking coffee

Raian Al-Jaibaji

Vice President

Hi! I’m Raian! I’m in my third year at UCL, about to start my iBSc in Surgical Sciences. :)

Hassan Mustafa 

Vice President

Hi, my name is Hassan Mustafa and I'm a 4th year medical student at UCL. I'm pretty unorthodox and down to earth, and I also enjoy making random videos from time to time.

Mohammad Al-Radhawi


I'm a 4th  year medical  student at UCL. I am passionate about research and have an iBSc in Clinical Sciences.

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Mina Abdul Hussein


Hi I’m Mina, I’m a 3rd year medic at Imperial. When I’m not falling behind on work I like to paint and binge Netflix.

Rawan Ebrahim

Medical Lead

Here for good vibes :)

Sarah Shuber

Dental Lead

I'm a fourth year dental student at King's College with an interest in oral surgery.

Reem El-Hayani

Medical Officer

Hi! My name is Reem and I have just finished my third year of medicine at KCL. I am a Medicine Officer this year with SIMA and I am looking forward to running lots of events for you all this year!

Omar Tabaqchali

Charity Officer 

Hi, I’m a second year medical student studying at UCL.

I’m excited to expand our charitable endeavours.

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Socials Officer 

Sarah Hamza

Medical Officer

Hi, I'm a 4th year medical student at Imperial. I enjoy teaching and have an interest in promoting health equity

Omar Tabaqchali

Dental Officer 

Hey everyone, I'm Omar, now a 2nd year dental student at KCL. I enjoy teaching, reading, volleyball, and sharing my dental journey on my Instagram page @omar_dental_ ! I look forward to working with SIMA to improve opportunities for students & applicants!

Hassan Naima

Collaborations Officer 

Hello Guys! I am a third year med student at Barts interested in surgery. Between work I like to play table tennis, read books and play board games

Nora Mahdi

Charity Officer 

Hi I am a fourth year dental student at Barts who is passionate about teaching, racquet sports and drinking tea

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Fatima Al-Imam

Publicity Officer 

Hello everyone! I’m a 2nd year dental student studying at Queen’s University Belfast. I have a special interest in oral & maxillofacial surgery, and hope to pursue it as a specialty.  I look forward to welcoming everyone to our wonderful upcoming events, so keep an eye for them!

Dr Ahmed Al-Jabir

Alumni Officer

I am an Academic Foundation Trainee with an interest in Academic Surgery having been awarded a distinction in Masters of Surgical Skills and more than 12 academic publications on surgery and education

Dr Ali Abdullah

Alumni Officer

Hi! I am an ST1 ophthalmology trainee based in London. Outside of medicine I like running, photography, reading and football #ItsNeverComingHome

Dr Sara Alkhafaji

Regional Coordinator

Hi, I'm currently a junior doctor working in the Midlands. My interests are in medical education. My career aspirations include public health and general practice. In my free time you can find me exploring new cafes around London

Dania Al-Zubaidy

Regional Coordinator

Hi, I’m Dania a 2nd Year Dental student at Cardiff University. I have an interest in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and Paediatric dentistry.

Fatima Altaiy

Regional Coordinator

Hi! I’m a 2nd year medic at Cardiff University, and I have an interest in paediatrics. I am passionate about widening participation (feel free to check and follow) and in my free time I love to cook!

Sowsan Bilal

Regional Coordinator

I'm a 3rd year dental student at the University of Birmingham. When I'm not studying, I'm either baking a cake or making Baklawa!

Nooruldeen Al-Asali

Regional Coordinator

Hello,  I’m a 5th year medical student at Newcastle University. I love surgery, especially vascular. I also enjoy learning about ancient history, mainly the incredible Mesopotamia. As regional coordinator, I can’t wait to help SIMA expand to the North this year!

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For more information on our events or to chat with our team, we invite you to get in touch.