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We have a diverse team of people working to make SIMA the best it can be.

Nour Shubber

Medicine Research Officer

I’m a 4th year medical student at UCL. I have a strong interest in ENT and I am passionate about environmental sustainability!

Gadah Al-Ani

Dentistry Research Officer

I'm a fourth year dental student at the University of Birmingham. I want to make Dentistry accessible for many and help remove the stigma associated with the profession.

Mohammed Al-Hasan

Social Media Officer

I am a graduate medical student going into my 3rd year. I come from a Biomedical Science background and also have an MRes in Translational Neurology. I also enjoy photography.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jabir


Dr. Zaid Alsafi

Alumni Officers

Ahmed: I am an Academic Foundation Trainee with an interest in Academic Surgery having been awarded a distinction in Masters of Surgical Skills and more than 12 academic publications on surgery and medical education.

Zaid: I am a UCL graduate and an Academic Foundation doctor at Imperial College. I have a keen interest in Ophthalmology, public health and research.

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Mohammad Alradhawi

Medical Lead

I am a 4th year medical student at UCL. I am passionate about research and have just finished an iBSc in Clinical Sciences.

Hadeel Al-Najafi

Dental Lead

I am a 3rd year dental student at Kings. I am passionate about dental public health and aesthetic dentistry. I run a dentistry instagram page, feel free to drop me a follow @hadeeldoesdentistry.

Raian Al-Jaibaji

Medicine Careers Officer

Hi, I’m a 2nd year medical student at UCL who has an interest in global health as well as maxillofacial surgery.

Areej Mehdi

Dentistry Careers Officer

I’m a second year dental student at Barts and the London/Queen Mary. I really enjoy exploring what London has to offer and exercising. I also love to blog my journey through dental school which you can check out on my instagram (@dentaldiaries_)!


Yousif Ali


I am a 4th year medical student at UCL with an iBSc in Neuroscience. I am passionate about the neurosciences, medical technology and widening participation.

Hassan Mustafa


I am a 3rd year medical student and I'm on this committee this year against my will, help.

Sarah Shuber

Vice President

My name is Sarah, and I am currently a third year dental student at King's College University. In my spare time, I like to draw.

Sowsan Bilal


I'm a 2nd year dental student at the University of Birmingham. When I'm not studying, I'm either baking a cake or making Baklawa. Probably not the best hobby for a Dentist, don't tell anyone.

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Dana Mahdi


Faida Al-Maiyah

Social Secretaries

Dana: I’m Dana a 4th Year Medical student at King’s College London! I like Arsenal and spending too much time at Wingstop.

Faida: I'm a 3rd year Medical Student studying at Bart's Med School. In terms of medicine, I have no idea what speciality I want to end up in. I'm just going with the flow you know :)

Mina Abdul Hussein


Nora Mahdi

Charity Officers

Mina: I’m a second year medic at Imperial college London. I am a charity officer for SIMA this year hoping to continue and expand our charitable outreach.

Nora: I am a 3rd year dental student at Barts/ Queen Mary who is passionate about teaching children, racquet sports and drinking tea

Mustafa Al-Hussein


Reem El-Hayani

Collaborations Officers

Mustafa:I'm a 2nd year King's student who's looking forward to collaborating with similar organisations on some great projects!

Reem: I’m a 3rd year medical student at KCL! I’m interested in respiratory medicine and paediatrics. This year I aim to help SIMA reach a wider audience than ever before, ensuring the Iraqi student community is well supported!

Ali Ibrahim & Rawan Ebrahim

Media Officers

Ali: My name is Ali and I am a massive Liverpool fan. I'm also a 2nd year medical student and interested in orthopaedics.

Rawan: My name is Rawan and I am a first year medical student at UCL. My interests are martial arts, football, orthopaedics and reading.

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Danea Saad

Sponsorship Officer

I’m Danea, a second year medical student at Imperial College London and I’m the sponsorship officer for SIMA this year. I am passionate about helping sixth formers with their medical school applications and giving them a deeper insight into the medical field.

Lena Ibrahim

Norwich Regional Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lena and I am a final-year medical student at the University of East Anglia.. I am passionate about medical education and have specialty interests in dermatology and surgery. In my spare time, I paint portraits.

Zein Al-Hindawi

Cambridge Regional Coordinator

My name is Zein and I am a 2nd year medic studying at Cambridge University. I like to stay physically active through sport. Currently, I am finding passion in helping others academically, whether that’s through tutoring or providing application pointers.

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